Motioneye and libcamera devices

Is there a schedule when Motioneye will also support the new RPi camera drivers?


Implement libcamerify support for motion binary by strips · Pull Request #2765 · motioneye-project/motioneye · GitHub

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A question to be ask to MotionEye Project. @Jappe already shared a link above.

@NestCam you can already try this out, there is a basic tutorial how to install this dev branch in the last comment

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Thank you for the hints. I’ll work through it and report back over the next few days.

Hello, I have looked at the various descriptions and found that they differ greatly from each other. Since I’m not the freak who ultimately knows my way around, I decided not to try it all. So I’m waiting for a final version of Motioneye, which also supports the new camera system. I now reach for my plan B. With plan B, I start the camera with the command libcamera-still and the appropriate parameters. I can then set the camera to take a picture at regular intervals and save it in the directory. I have enough storage space. I ask for information when Motioneye works as usual with the new camera system. Thanks.

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