Motioneye alternative?


can’t get motioneye running anymore so my question: is there any alternative to motioneye?
What can I do?
Or is there even a linux, open source friendly solution outside dietpi?..


You could try to share the issue you have. As well you could report your challenges directly to the motioneye project GitHub site. There are people who are familiar with motioneye, who might be able to assist.

Hi. I found that the motioneye OS package uses the older Buster and the legacy camera setting. It does not boot on my newer Pi4 (fixes for this did not work either) and the older SD card had issues with wifi. I switched to the newer PiOS and use the new libcamera utilities which can be scripted with python.
Now I have a Pi connected to my central camera software (AgentDVR on a Domoticz/Dietpi box) using a http link. I’m not sure mjpeg-streamer works with the new configuration either. There’s a lot of ‘helpful’ how-tos out there which are just copies of out-of-date solutions.

I guess you are wrong on our forum. We use DietPi as base configuration and not Pi OS. We offer an automatic install process that should install a ready to use installation.

If you use Pi OS, and do a manual install, it migh be better to post your issue at Motion GitHub.

As an alternative, try DietPi and our automatic install.

There is a workaround including latest dietpi and a patched motioneye version or so but it didn’t work out.
Motioneye seems to be a dead end anyway, not much development anymore. The creator gave the project away.

That’s not correct. The project has been transferred to a new group of people maintaining it. Our developer is part of this group. Since a couple of DietPi version we switched to this new project. But you would need to use the Beta or Dev version of Motion project. At least that is my last information that it has not been merged into master.

@MichaIng fya

When you use motionEye, you need to enable legacy camera support, which should be done OOTB on the DietPi motionEye installation, and as well the new dev branch is used, which enables mandatory Python 3 support and adds a bunch of additional features and fixes. While currently, development is slow, since also I have much to do with DietPi already (which has priority for me), there has been overall done a lot in motionEye since last official release of the old maintainer. And I already have a PR open for doing a beta release to PyPI (so you can install the regular way via pip) to get more audience and feedback. Largest block is that someone needs to write release notes, and this is quite much :smile:.


Good to hear! Looking forward. Where can I find news about it?
Was thinking about buying a xeoma license but I’ll wait for motioneye.

Did you tried latest DietPi? There we offer installation of Motion from dev branch.

Yes, I updated to the latest version.

I used zoneminder in a docker…but it didn’t work well…ended up build and old $40 HP Compaq Elite 8300 SFF maxed out with a i7-3770 and 32GB DDR3 running PROXMOX…then installed in a virtual box windows 10 pro, installed ispy and ran the windows 10 debloater script from here

It now runs my security camera, mounted to a network share (to my UnRaid server with the write drive dedicated to the one share) write the alerts and only uses like 2 gigs ram running