Motion Detection with PiKrellCam

Hi Fourdee,

The unique Feature of RPiCam Interface (DietPiCam) is the simultaneous preview and video or image recording. No other software out there for Pi can record and preview at the same time. I absolutely love this feature and use it extensively

since RPi Web Cam Interface is being a pain in the ass when it comes to Motion Detection, PiKrellCam seems to be a good Motion Detecting alternative.

Give it a look when you can.



I don’t need this anymore.

I was able to detect motion and record the videos using THIS

Python is amazing!!

I will try to modify this script and get it to save all recorded media in /dietpicam.

This way i can view all the media using DietPiCam.


Good find, sounds ideal. Let me know how you get on. Hopefully this a way to get motion working on both Wheezy and Jessie?