Most System Tools on desktop will not launch.

Except Caja & Mate Terminal. All other Dietpi apps, Htop, Midnight commander & Vifm won’t launch. Are they just for references?

You have to run them at the console or Mate Terminal only?

no that’s not how it should be. Usually the apps should start while clicking on them. Probably a challenge an the short cuts. Let me check with the developer

Basically the default MATE terminal emulator is not compatible the these “start in console” flag of desktop/menu shortcuts :frowning:. From now on xterm will be installed together with MATE to replace the default terminal emulator. It seems like a bug in the package or upstream, so we’ll report this to Debian, since xterm is quite ugly compared to mate-terminal :slight_smile:.

Hence the following will make the shortcuts work:

apt install xterm

Looks like it’s fixed after I upgraded to 7.1

Xterm is installed automatically in MATE and each individual menu entry can be launched now.

But yeah, Xterm is ugly! I’ll stick with Mate Terminal.

Basically manually adjusting the shortcuts and switching to MATE terminal would be possible as well

Don’t know how. Right click the menu entry and don’t see how to change shortcuts.

you would need to adjust the desktop shortcut directly using nano editor.

Basically it’s about to hash a value and to adjust the Exec by adding mate-terminal -x.

Exec=mate-terminal -x /boot/dietpi/dietpi-config

Location of shortcuts is /usr/share/applications/

At least for me this was working this way on my test. Maybe you can try it out and adjust one shortcut first before going to all of them :slight_smile: