Hello guys,

I am looking for a good install / configuration / troubleshooting guide for mosquitto. (i can’t connect to it in a browser at port 1883).


ps: some info

DietPi V16.9.7

DietPi is ALOT like rasberry pi…just remember DietPi doesn’t have admin user named pi so installing stuff for that and/or Debian ARM should work…custom drivers and whatnot are a different critter all together

Seems like a simple install here

Checking if MQTT is a easy install package for DietPi

Jep Odroid C2 we install a custom Debian image by Meveric, so any Debian guide should work.

When installing Mosquitto via dietpi-software it does not more than installing the APT package from Debian repo (apt install mosquitto) and creating a systemd unit to run/supersede the init.d service:

rm /etc/init.d/mosquitto
cat << _EOF_ > /etc/systemd/system/mosquitto.service
Description=Mosquitto (DietPi)
ExecStart=$(which mosquitto) -c /etc/mosquitto/mosquitto.conf

To there are no more custom adjustments done to it.

I am currently doing a test install to check browser access.
EDIT: Install works fine, service runs well, indeed access via browser is not possible. But I guess this is due to browsers not supporting the MQTT protocol. You need a Mosquitto client to successfully connect, I believe. See the link by WarHawk about how to install a client and test the connection.