More game servers

I’ve been using dietpi for a while now and I absolutely love it. With it, I’m able to install all the media software I want to run, easily and headlessly. I also use my dietpi computer to run other server software for my children, but I have to do so manually and its comparatively “clunky”.

Similar to what Dietpi already has done with the various minecraft dedicated servers, it would be great if we could add additional dedicated servers for other popular games.

A few suggestions:

Quakeworld (supports x86 & arm)
Ark: Survival Evolved (only x86)
Assault Cube (x86 & arm)
FreeCiv (x86 & arm)
Unreal Tournament (x86 only)
Half-Life 2 based Games (you do one, you essentially do them all the same way… CS:S, CS:GO, Left4Dead, TeamFortress 2, Sven, Gmod, etc) (x86 only… i think)

By no means is absence of these features in dietpi criticism. Far from it. I absolutely love dietpi and how easy, flexible, and stable it is… they’re just well meaning requests for software I’d absolutely love to run (easily) on my dietpi server.

This might help

Linux Userspace x86 Emulator with a twist

Box86 lets you run x86 Linux programs (such as games) on non-x86 Linux, like ARM (host system needs to be 32bit little-endian).

It would be an addon emulator, not sure if the devs could take a look into it and pre-compile a package or something

honestly I’m not sure. As you know, DietPi is developed and maintained by a single person. And the list of open items is quite long already.

Here is a howto to build for the Raspberry Pi, I guess using rasbian…can’t be much different from dietpi

Some of the suggestions are available for ARM natively, so don’t need the Box86 emulator. But as we have it, we can use it of course.

Yeah as long as not someone else is able to pick it up, it’ll take a while until I find time.

Check this out

Not sure it supports ARM…but it reports 117 game servers are supported and counting

There is even a docker install

There is also quite a few “alternatives”

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