Moode-Audio-Player/Tom Curtis wants to work with Dietpi ;-)

hi there,
found just this:
"If you want these other distros to integrate moOde then post to their Twitter feeds or on their forums. I’ll be happy to work with them :slight_smile:"

other:" Dec or Jan, but I’m not offering pre-made distribution images anymore due to the HUGE workload for the GPL stuff. The new FOSS model is moOde Sources + Build Recipe for making an image. This requires a solid medium-level Linux expertise.Other distros for example DietPi or LibreELEC may integrate moOde and thus provide an avenue for pre-made images."

its from here:

would like that too :wink:

(by that there are new ES9038Q2M-Boards out->would like to read some reviews or dtoverlays for this" :wink:->

Yep, correct, we like it too :slight_smile:
We have plans to bring moOde audio to DietPi as an optimized software installation. Just waiting on Tim to convert to FOSS, then we can look into it :slight_smile:

by that there are new ES9038Q2M-Boards out->would like to read some reviews or dtoverlays for this"

Looks great, ESS are the future/replacement for PCM5xxx, but for me, unless it has a 40 pin female GPIO socket (eg: HAT), i’ll leave it be :wink:

soo much thx a lot !!! :sunglasses:
i´m truly in love here with anything, the moderation :stuck_out_tongue: , this wonderful,wonderful Dietpi; the github-place for this->anything…

u really can´t imagine how much…u brought really the great fun (back) to the Pi :wink: (to lightweight-distros in general)
so much thx again :wink:

Thank you for using DietPi, and for the great feedback. Really appreciate it :slight_smile:

the moderation

Hehe, although K-Plan and Johnvick do an amazing job keeping this forum going, ideally we need to upgrade PHPBB to a more recent version. Its on my list of “tasks”, can see it taking at least 1 week, on and off.
Something for the future.

Moode is a great player - I use three of them.

It’s very good news that you’re planning to integrate with DietPi - perhaps I can have my ideal configuration with a Roon endpoint and Moode on the same Pi!


Fourdee, do we need to log this in the requests forum / on github or will you be adding it anyway?

I think Moode will be a great way of bringing together a lot of the individual audio elements already in DP with the tweaks and improvements that Tim has made to them. Really looking forward to it!


Ticket created:

Tim has released the FOSS code, will hopefully start working on it at the weekend, and into next week.

Great news! It would be really nice to see Moode on other boards/vm’s also! :slight_smile:

Hi, I’m planning to buy Allo Sparky/USBridge with DietPi.
I was wondering what could be a “tentative date” for Moode availability on DietPi.

I already have Sparky with USBridge and Moode would be the next best thing for it!

Where are we at with this? I see references on github to moode on dietpi 159 but it hasn’t appeared using dietpi-software yet.

Automated image installation of moOde:

Currently in testing, under > > RPi Stretch> .