/mnt/ empty

Hallo Everyone,

to enhance my system a bit I started to upgrade my Raspberry pi 4 with an SSD instead of an SD Card. I tested the procedure on a testsystem upfront and it went fine with just one click on dietpi-dirve_manager transfer RootFS. So is went to my productive System and just did that.

Installed the SSD on an USB 3 Converter and went through the process via Drive_manager to transfer the ROOTFS.

After the reboot I realized that all folder inside /mnt/ are gone nothing there even on the SD Card.

Is there a solution to this topic already or any clues about that? Is there a way to save the database/installation of the Nextcloud (mysql in /var/lib/ is also broken) instance. The Nextcloud-User-Data isn’t gone, they have been on an external HDD.



maybe you can have a look to the following post


Thank you for your reply.

I didn’t know that the user data isn’t transmitted in this operation. Shame on me I didn’t go for a backup before. So I ended up installing my system form scratch.


well at least if you did not format you SD card, it should have 2 partition. First one is used for the boot file system and 2nd is used for root file system. Once you transferred user data to your new USB device you still should have the RootFS on your SD card available, even if it is not mounted. Drive Manager should show the 2nd partition as not mounted.