Missing Wireguard option when installing Pivpn

  • DietPi version:


  • Distro version: bullseye
    Linux orangedietpi 5.15.43-sunxi #22.05.1 SMP Sat May 28 08:17:47 UTC 2022 armv7l GNU/Linux

Hi team, I was about to install Pivpn on Dietpi OS running on Orange Pi Zero, but it doesn’t offer me the option to install Wireguard when setting up Pivpn, it goes straight to installing OpenVPN without any prompt.

Can’t seem to figure out the issue here.
In case it helps, when running ‘dietpi-services’ I do see openvpn listed as inactive, but there’s no OpenVPN listed on the software list.

Thanks in advance.

The PiVPN install script is out of our control. We just use it as given, to offer the installation. It might be disabled for your device by PiVPN devs. Something you would need to ask these guys.

In general you could have a look if native Wireguard is available as install option by our own script

dietpi-software list | grep "ID 172"

I guess OpenVPN is not shown as installed, if it was installed by PiVPN script.

Thanks Joulinar. Yes, Wireguard on its own does show up in the software list to be installed. But having the PiVPN interface is very convenient. I’ll see if the PiVPN team hasn answer then.


just for reference