Migrate from pi2 to pi3

First let me say THANKS!!! for such an awesome project - I love dietpi and have it running on 5 different pi’s right now.

One of those runs my owncloud instance on an external 1TB USB drive - I chose the option to have dedicated USB drive on setup. I got my rpi3 the other day, read through the forums and found that because of the new firmware that I would have to download the new image and install for the raspberrypi3 directly - I can’t just swap the sd card from the pi2.

This leaves me in a precarious situation - if I want to use my USB Harddrive as a dedicated drive still - dietpi wants to format it and all my owncloud data would be gone. What’s the best path to make this happen?

Thanks in advance!


Great to hearing your running DietPi on 5 pi’s!

Easy method:
If you have no plans to use the built-in WiFi or Bluetooth on the RPi 3, you can simply unplug the SD card from your RPi 2 and put it into your RPi 3. Make sure you have the dedicated USB drive attached, before you power on :slight_smile:.
If the RPi 3 doesnt boot up, plug it back in the RPi 2 and run the following command to update firmware:


. Plug back into the RPi 3 and boot up again.

Harder method:
If you plan to use inbuilt WiFi and BT on the RPi 3, start on a fresh DietPi installation. When it asks to format your drive, simply say “no”. DietPi will then use your existing drive and filesystem. Then its just a case of installing Owncloud again and forcing a scan to update the database.

Haha! I feel pretty stupid now - answering “No” to format drive worked perfectly of course… I remembered it differently. Sigh.

Thanks Fourdee - I’m back up and running with a noticeably snappier owncloud!