Memory Leak

Hey sorry I’m not a linux superuser* or anything but I suspect there is a memory leak in ‘mono’ pckg. My ram usage is creeping up each day until it eventually hits 2GB. It doesn’t seem to be clearing out. This is especially true with Radarr.

Anyone else experiencing this issue?

HW: VirtualBox Dietpi v6.6


Could be many factors:

  • Radarr database size
  • Mono code issue
  • Radarr code issue

How many items do you have listed in Radarr?
Might be worth getting a screengrab of htop to verify which program is causing the high memory usage.

My top two memory hogs are mono progs - Radarr & NZBdrone according to htop. That’s how I first noticed the issue. I haven’t been doing much lately but the other day I imported my library (very small) and it jumped and stayed at around 2gb until I restarted to flush the RAM. I also did some searching afterward and found this post on github.

This is on the mono website

I’ll let my server sit for awhile and watch it slowly creep up and report back. Currently about 600MB of ram in use 14% of it is RADARR/MONO. After a fresh restart I seem to idle at 375MB of RAM usage.

Nothing listed in Radarr. Maybe 5-6 items, none running.

As you can see Radarr is now up to 23% of my memory. It’s slowly increasing by the day. It will eventually take up all 2GB

memory leak is very big issue. for programs like daemons and servers … when the programmer create a memory in heap and forget to delete it at time this problem will occurs …


Also known as “lazy/bad programming and relying on the programming language to allow for bad practice”, at least in my eyes.

Although, could be a mono issue. Either way i’d recommend reporting this to the Radarr dev team. I’am sure they would like to be aware of any memory leak.