Medusa/Transmission Configuration

I’ve only recently started using DietPi and have just been trying out Medusa but think I’m missing something (probably a newbie question).

Although I have both Medusa and Transmission installed, Medusa does not seem to trigger any downloads in Transmission. I can use Transmission on it’s own (adding a manual torrent to download and subsequently seed) but Medusa does not seem to add any further downloads.

e.g. I can find a show, get a list of episodes, see that some get the “snatched” status but don’t see anything in Transmission.

Am I missing the point somewhere?

I’ve done a bit of searching around but get the impression I’m not even searching for the correct terms. I’m running this on a Raspberry Pi 2. I’ve also got DietPi/Plex/Samba working fine on a Pi3B+ BTW.

Any pointers welcome.

You can test your Transmission setup from within Medusa - have you tried that?

I did eventually get this working (but now can’t remember what I needed to change). If I find out I’ll update this.