Mediainfo and rtorrent

I recently installed Mediainfo because I need it for rtorrent. Using the latest version of Dietpi (v6.22) on the Odroid XU4.

here’s the website:
here’s the installation code:

wget && dpkg -i repo-mediaarea_1.0-7_all.deb && apt-get update
sudo apt-get install mediainfo

It installed successfully, but when I test it, it produces an empty output (regardless of file format):

mediainfo filename.avi
<no output>

See update in the next reply.

Update: Upon further investigation, it appears that Mediainfo is working for all files under 2GB (in file size) but not those above. Possibly related to this issue:

Hard to tell what exactly is the problem since I have the latest version installed from the repo. Any ideas? Or should I turn to the mediainfo github for help?

Yeah we do not pre-install mediainfo for some reason.

The 2G border is quite a bumper since high resolution media files usually have larger sizes. Yeah it is best to check their GitHub or sourceforge page for related discussions and in case raise a feature request.