Media converter?

I’m running an Intel NUC with a n3350 for my Transmission and Plex needs. From time to time I have to convert files on my main PC and then transfer them to the DietPi. Is there an easy way to install/run a media converter program right on the DietPi? I’m not phenomenal with command line, but learning… so was ideally hoping for something with a GUI. I understand I can probably install XFCE and Handbrake, but was wondering if there was just something that can be installed that I could access via the browser, etc.

handbrake is a video converter…
There is a docker w/ webgui

Doing some duckduckgo’ng found a simple webgui for FFmpeg (it even generates the command line command to run that can be copied/pasted)

Found this too…but I think it’s a gui on desktop only

Maybe will work on arm

And this one too


I have used Docker/Portainer when I was running OMV in the past, but haven’t yet installed it on my Intel NUC/DietPi. What is the resource usage of Docker/Portainer? I have an n3350 with 4 gigs of RAM (so better than when I was running it on a RPi 3B). I assume Docker with the Handbrake WebGUI would be easiest.

I looked into that FFmpeg generator, but one thing that confused me when using it, is how do I set it for converting an entire folder?

Docker engine alone require around 100MB ram + the individual containers.

To this pt, I hadn’t planned on installing it because DietPi has had everything I need. The only “nice to have” is this media converter ability, to offload it from my main PC. I could use FFmpeg from the command line, but it def seems like a learning curve so far.