Maybe an error in Sound Devices


i am not sure if this is an error. After choosing hifiberry-dac as audio-device, there comes a short error message. I tried to screenshot it.

After the reboot, the sound device is working. So i have not an issue, just found this error message…


This is no error message, just some ouput what is happening in the background while applying the changes you made :slight_smile:

Unless the green OKs turning into red FAILED, you don’t have to worry.

Perfect, thanks.

At least something MichaIng could have a look into, if it is just cosmetic or something that would need to taken care of.

As long as the device tree overlay for the DAC is not active via reboot, ALSA cannot reset any sound card settings and hence produces these error messages. So they are expected if no sound output was enabled before on RPi. But indeed we could mute them by checking for an actual existing sound interface before calling alsactl.