Maximum time before restart system?

I am interested in the reboot time of the Dietpi system. It works flawlessly for 186 days, but htop has an exclamation point? what is this?`

I think it’s kind of an easter egg. To show respect for such a long uptime :wink:

I quickly googled it and found this:

htop author here. Yes, as others already mentioned, it indeed shows up after 100 days of uptime.
The reason is nothing fancy, it’s just an Easter egg in the software. Consider that the program is impressed with your uptime, and take it as you will. :slight_smile:

Yes, I have read the article. Does this mean Dietpi won’t explode after a reboot?

You should install uptimed

we have systems running for years without issues. Nothing will explode :roll_eyes:

Why, after I have htop?