Massively slow transfer speed from Win7 to Rpi NAS

I have been struggling with this problem for quite a while now and I looked around for a proper solution but all of the information I found online was a dead end.

So here is the Setup:
I have a small Raspberry pi NAS on my home network. The NAS in question has a USB External Harddrive attached and mounted to it and was configured via the dietpi-drivemanager. The Hard drive file system is NTFS and ntfs-3g is installed on the system.

I am using Samba to share the files on NAS to all my windows machine and all of them can access the different files without any problem. I get transfer speed upto 5MB/s when i copy files from the NAS to the PC which is acceptable for me.
The Issue:
Whenever it comes to transferring a file to the NAS using my Win7 machine I get Abysmally low speed (in the order of 50KB/s).

Now i am aware that Rpi has usb 2.0 which is limited in terms of transfer speed and NTFS is not the ideal filesystem to use with linux but getting speeds in the KB/s range is unacceptable.

My solution so far:
I can easily access the NAS so to transfer a file, i just connect the HARDisk directly to my Win7 and transfer at will and then plug it back in the NAS.

Can anyone point me in the right direction on how i can increase the transfer speed?

are you running at USB 1.1 or 2.0…what is the transfer speeds in your RPi

Have you done a benchmark?

Quick google shows this

I also think there is benchmark stuff in dietpi-launcher as well

Jep dietpi-config > Tools allows benchmarking, or directly via: dietpi-benchmark
It allows you as well to upload results and compare to others:

But even that copying to the RPi means lower SDcard write speed (compared to read speed), 50KB cannot be due to tha, although a benchmark as above does not hurt. But ah, since your workaround is direct transfer from HDD, the SDcard write speed is already sorted out as expected.
There seems to be a network or Samba config issue, interestingly in one direction only :thinking:.

Just to sort it out, did you try it with another Samba client than your PC?
Did you check with another network transfer protocol, e.g. (S)FTP or NFS, to compare?
Any related logs either server or client side?