Mali driver + OpenCL for miners

Please don’t discuss about the profitability of theese devices! I know that a CUDA board is more profitable! But with theese SBC SOC little devices we could get some money without high power consumption (solar panel in a open place!!!)
The more important thing is that Distro providers as ARMBIAN, and here DietPi (great! I like!), have to complete the job! It is very difficult to find a distro with the correct GPU driver installed!! The SOC device works but sometimes without the driver of the GPUs. This is very important to make them MINE the coins! Expecially the OpenCL support that depends on the GPU driver! Miners app coders cannot release optimized code. Infact I have an OrangePi Zero Plus and an OrangePi PC2. Both of them are 64bit quad core with the great Mali450 GPUs. I could run with 4+6 cores instead of 4 cores only! Thanks.

CUBLAS is an implementation of BLAS (Basic Linear Algebra Subprograms) on top of the CUDA driver. It allows access to the computational resources of NVIDIA GPUs. The library is self contained at the API level, that is, no direct interaction with the CUDA driver is necessary.

Can it be compiled as a kernel module?