making iris default webui for mopidy


i am using dietpi as mopidy server on my pi zero.
i prefer iris interface for mopidy.
but i want to acces it only with my device ip.
now it is on http://mydeviceip:6680/iris/#/
is it possible to get rid of “:6680/iris/#/”

This is not easily/natively possible.

If you enter http://mydeviceip only into the browser, the browser will send the request to default HTTP port 80, so http://mydeviceip:80.
Mopidy does not listen to this port, but it’s own port instead, to not mess up with webservers. So as long as there is no webserver installed, nothing listens to port 80 then.

There are three possibilities:

  • If you already have a webserver installed, you could setup a redirection/rewrite to port 6680/iris. But I don’t think so, since a webserver does not make sense with all content on another service. Other routing/proxy solution would work as well instead.
  • You could configure Mopidy to listen to port 80 instead of 6680. But not sure if it requires root permissions to bind to port 80.
  • You could configure, if existent, your router to forward incoming port 80 requests to port 6680 of your Pi Zero. But this only affects external requests, not if you access the Pi via IP local network internally.

The last two solutions still require /iris suffix. Not sure if you can somehow set this as default interface to show up on : already.