Make the Forum accessible with a subdomain

I think it would be more accessible to have the forum (also) on to be more aligned with others. Also it would help with indexing as well as with website recommendations based on browser history.

Same could be done with blog and docs.

But I have another point of criticism, which hustles me already for some time:
A link to blog and docs and forum in the main menu of the site would be nice. Right now it’s a bit confusing, the link to the docs is hidden behind “getting started” and I think the blog does not get enough recognition, a lot of question from the forum are already answered inside the blog.
I also think this discussion would be better placed on GitHub, so I will open a topic there.



Well, in an ideal world, people would first read docs, howtos, blogs, faqs and search the forum or github before opening a new topic :smiley:

But that won’t happen, even if you put everything at the top :wink:

Anyway, let’s check with @MichaIng and @StephanStS on a better structure for the web site.


An idea that came up in one of our meetings was to align the top level navigation of all sub sites, e.g. like here on the forum, with “Docs” and “Blog” right there. On the blog, there is this “banner” space, which currently contains text/link to the contribution page only, but we could (mis)use this as top level navigation as well (which then would still contain a “Donate” link), or find another MkDocs plugin for a native top level navigation.

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