Macbook backup Reaper projects to Rpi3 + SSD - advice needed :-)

Hello - I need some macOS networking protocol suggestions for Monterey and Sonoma devices that may or may not be on the network each day.

Unfortunately my knowledge is out of date. Searching/google hasn’t cleared up what file sharing protocols Sonoma does or doesn’t reliably support. :confused:

I have just installed (headless) dietpi on a rpi3 and have connected a SSD drive via usb. Rpi3 ethernet connected to router.

What I need is to backup an occasional small Reaper Daw projects (mainly wav files) which can be download again in either Mac at a later date. All over home LAN - no offsite access needed.

So my question is:

  • What is the best protocol to use. smb, nfs, afp - netatalk or something else?
  • What files system to use for the rpi3 connected SSD. ext4 or hfs+?

GUI or browser based approach not really needed. Cli is fine - any method which can integrate with finder would be a bonus.

Thank you,

Simply try samba to share files from your mac

Thank you Joulinar.

I’ve set up dietpi/rpi3 temporarily as NFS server. While the Mac finder can’t connect to it (see pic) - the free version of Owlfiles from the Apple App store has no trouble connecting :sunglasses:.

This will at least let me try out how practical moving and storing Reaper project files on and across the LAN really is.

Screen Shot 2023-12-03 at 19.42.46

As stated above, use Samba.

Certainly easier to setup and customise :+1:

Many thanks!