Looking to include Qualcomm Atheros QCA7000 SPI Linux kernel driver

I have just downloaded and installed the latest DietPi version (kernel 6.3.5) on my Pine SOQuartz module. I want to use with a QCA7000 powerline chipset using SPI .

I noticed that the qca7000 module (.ko file) is already installed in the sys modules folder on my Raspberry Pi 4 with RasbianOS but it is not installed by default with DietPi.

As such, what is the best approach here?

I noticed this option to build a DietPi version for a new board but was not sure if this gives options to include this module which is available on the Linux kernel as an option.



Well, with a fair bit of persistence I managed to update the kernel with the qca7000 driver. Next step… finding out if it actually works… hint have had to also modify my board’s dtb file. Thankfully that hasn’t crashed anything… yet. (fingers crossed)

A lovely sight to see… getting close now :slightly_smiling_face:

I am facing the same problem. Could you provide some information how you got the driver running?