login password reset

Hello ppl,

I just tried to install my fresh diet-pi and changed the password inside the security setting befor changing my hostname at the start of setup.

It seems that my keyboard setup has changed somehow because the used passwords root+unix-user do not seem to work anymore. :cry:
There is no # on [shift]+[3]

Is there a (simple) sollution to this ? Exept reinstall?


many thanks for your report. Are you still able to login as user dietpi? If yes you can do following

sudo passwd root

Hello Joulinar I try to delete google-authemticator and disable some entry in sshd configs. Now I cannot login. I also generate some ssh local key in snowflake ssh app. I totally mess everything. Now I cannot login. I try root and dietpi user. I connect keyboard to minipc but don’t know what to do. I have terminal login prompt on TV.

Ok. I did IT. I forget there’d dietpi-dashboard. :grin:

if you see the login prompt on TV screen, you could try to login locally.