Login incorrect after trying to update


A few days ago I tried to update (apt update) and then a problem occurred: I can’t log in.
I have DietPi installed on Proxmox and the console started throwing errors like in the screenshot at startup.
What’s the easiest way for me to log in?

@dazeb I hope you don’t mind me just pinging you on this subject, but I know you are running quite some proxmox systems :wink:

Did you ever have seen a system behaving like this? It seems every proccess is failing. Maybe Proxmox lost some disks?

@Joulinar No problem mate glad to help.

Seems like the whole system has failed, I haven’t seen this myself. @bielen2k Is it a new install or did this suddenly happen on an old server?

This looks like a nightmare I hope you haven’t lost any data. If you have taken a backup or a snapshot I would roll back to that and then use apt to make sure everything is cleaned up then try apt update again.

If you can get into the system at all even from backup restore or snapshot please post logs and maybe we can find out what’s causing the apt update to fail.

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I’d also say this is a disk or filesystem corruption. Keep the VM down, make a backup of the virtual disk image, check the related host disk, whether it works well and for filesystem errors, and if none, attach the virtual disk to another VM and fsck it there.