Log file options

I’m sure there used to be an option regarding the way logging happened.

I am trying to free up ram (the install is a VM on an HDD) and was going to move the log file to a non-tmpfs location. That config option seems to have gone.

Am I correct?

It’s still there on my Odroid XU4, Z83 and Odroid C2 under dietpi-software.

Jep, as John suggested, either choose Log System => None in DietPi-Software + install, or even easier choose Uninstall and select DietPi-RAMlog there for uninstall.

do someone know where docker puts his logs from containers? I mean if I would add container with pihole, will pihole log to ram?

Thanks, I was sure it used to be in settings!

We probably should add it there (as well). It’s sometimes no a trivial question where to put settings, of those require some APT install/uninstall as well and the related software title is available in DietPi-Software.

E.g. Samba and NFS client can be installed with DietPi-Software but as well enabled simply via DietPi-Drive_Manager.
In case of logging it’s the rsyslog+logrotate packages and a not too trivial step when disabling RAMlog, so that all log files in tmpfs are stored to disk on shutdown and loaded into /var/log on next boot (which is no tmpfs anymore then), so they are not lost.

However I aim to remove rsyslog+logrotate from logging options actually. It is simply doubled/obsolete with systemd-journald / journalctl. Instead it makes more sense to allow making journald logs persistent, if RAMlog is disabled, which can be simply done via mkdir /var/log/journal. Some 3rd party packages require/expect rsyslog, but as well it is theoretically independent from /var/log being tmpfs or not. Only minor issue is the quite verbose log of rsyslog that then fills RAM quite much. But with hourly clearing there should be not risk it gets full. And logrotate of course does not make any sense with RAMlog.

Container logs are by default at: /mnt/dietpi_userdata/docker-data/containers/[Container ID]/[Container ID]-json.log

You can move them to journald/journalctl (RAM) as well: https://github.com/MichaIng/DietPi/issues/2388