Location of dhcpcd.conf?

Hey I’m trying to follow the DNS Leak portion of this vpn guide but I am having trouble locating the dhcpcd.conf file. It’s currently not in /etc/ and I’m not sure where else it would be. I am currently using dietpi-vpn


DietPi is not using dhcpcd. Configuration of local IP as well as DNS server could be done using dietpi-config. At the end, DNS server is set in /etc/resolv.conf.

This is what I have in my file:

domain lan
search lan

I know those 3 IPs starting in 192 lead to all 3 different pi holes, I want to change this to something else but after I did and rebooted, the changes don’t stick. Where else should I be making changes?

Going through dietpi-config did the trick. Thanks!