lightweight video player and radio player + web portal


  1. is there any light weight video player i can install to see local video files?

  2. what can you recommend for light internet radio player?

  3. i want to create a web welcome portal so when i access my server outside my home, i will have a menu of all my installed services (instead of remembering all different ports). i have the lighttpd webserver installed. can i create a folder inside www folder (for example: welcome ) and then when im outside my home i can go to 123.456.789.123/welcome and it will work?

  4. is there a simple way to clean my system of all unnecessary installations and packages? (for example, i installed ampache. a lot of other things installed automatically with it. i removed ampache. all the rest is left on my system and was not removed).

thanks :slight_smile:

Perhaps other will know better but a quick view shows that Mopidy can play local files via web UI and internet radio:
However it’s Python based with PIP compiling need, so the install process is heavier, the player + web UI then uses 50M RAM, which again is lightweight compared to e.g. Plex, Emby and such :thinking:.

A welcome page would work that way. Didn’t you ask such in another thread as well? Just can’t find it :smiley:. But why not using /var/www/index.html (or index.php…) directly?
Alternatively you could add some redirect or reverse proxy to your webserver to either redirect access from 123.456.789.123/mopidy to 123.456.789.123:6680/musicbox_webclient or use the internal proxy so that the URL stays 123.456.789.123/mopidy.

Ah a bid doubled about welcome page:

  • Please keep things separated in the future :wink:.