Lighttpd webdav install question

I’m new to dietpi, so forgive the dumb question. (I currently run a simple debian-based homeserver, so have a bit experience).

I plan to install Lighttpd via dietpi software. And also plan to add lighttpd-mod-webdav, which I assume I’d install via the debian apt command.

What I’m wondering is when lighttpd is updated via dietpi, it wouldn’t update lighttpd-mod-webdav, and I’d do that with the regular debian command. Any updates to lighttpd dietpi wouldn’t mess with webdav configuration?

More generally, if software is installed outside of dietpi, are there any issues to be aware of?


We don’t install any own DietPi Lighttpd version. It’s simply pulled from apt package repository and will be updated same way. Basically Debian standard. From your side we just add some configuration files which usually are not changing on an update.

Thanks for the info.