Lighttpd, php, python and dietpi

well this is sort of a question/comment/request–
i used dietpi-software to install “lighttpd”
I got lighttpd
and php7 (which I didn’t ask for and is fairly large)
and perl (which I didn’t ask for)

what I didn’t get and expected, since python was already installed, was that the
lighttpd configuration would integrated python.

I know dietpi is supposed to be lightweight and easy to use. i think, in the case,
that it didn’t quite workout that way… I wouldn’t mind a few upfront configuration
questions so that the end result is what I needed.

however, others may have a sightly different take???

Yes correct. We automatically install PHP as it is required by majority of web apps and users. However there is a feature request open to change this behavior DietPi-Software | Allow installing webservers without PHP · Discussion #5043 · MichaIng/DietPi · GitHub

Perl as well is installed together with lighttpd package as it is a recommendation to have it installed together Debian -- Details of package lighttpd in bullseye

Python is an own separate package and not configured on a web server installation.