lighttpd and ownCloud

I spent two days, trying to use ownCloud on DietPi 6.1 without success.
I cannot use Apache2 or Ngnix because they will not start web service.
If I use lighttpd, then owncloud will not allow me to use client app on windows. It shows something like the attached picture.
I then spent hours looking for answer and found ownCloud does not support lighttpd!

I verified this with a Virtual Machine build and the result is the same.
Any solution?

Hi, and thanks for your report:

  • There seem to be a deeper configuration/system issue, as Nginx and Apache2 both do not start.
  • Did you test this on fresh DietPi installation?
  • Can you in case provide the output of:
  • systemctl status apache2
  • systemctl status nginx
  • /var/log/apache2/error.log
  • /var/log/nginx/error.log
  • and copy&paste of the installation process, running dietpi-software
    depending on webserver you are testing. Note to install just one at a time.

ownCloud and Nextcloud do not officially support, because, their webdav backend, notes years ago, that Lighttpd does not fully support all their features. But noone from ownCloud/Nextcloud did ever validate/recheck this. We however did intensive tests with Lighttpd ownCloud/Nextcloud and webdav (via desktop and mobile clients) and never faced any issues.
So your issue seems to be deeper nature. Could you please provide:

  • systemctl status lighttpd
  • systemctl status php7.0-fpm
  • Nextcloud log
    /var/log/lighttpd error log (don’t know exact name at the moment :wink:.