So, if I have a mon app that uses raspivid as my ‘engine’ and i intend to sell my app pre-installed onto a SD card within a Pi do I have to make my source or the os I am using available?
I would only be charging for my app and the pi and not the os…


Speak to Daniel Knight

Of course if you ship an SDcard with OS pre-installed, generally the license + readme with dev info and links to the source code needs to be available. But this is default, if you install any open source OS, so simply do not remove/overwrite any existing readme/license files from the OS.

Other questions now depend on the license. On GPL (what DietPi uses), you are only allowed to ship a modified code, if you show/open the changes you did and preserve existing license + dev info. Then you are free to take money for it as well.

I am no expert, but I would interpret any change to the freshly installed OS (even just another pre-installed software) as a modification, so that in case of GPL the open source license must be preserved an applied to your changes (software) as well. So to workaround this, if you want to stay closed source, you can only offer your app separately.

But this is just my conservative interpretation, better ask some expert for this :wink:.