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[center]Let It Run: Tutorial ThinkTank[/center]
Enjoy experimenting with new software on dietpi? This thread is a repository of software and install Tutorials.

[center]Tutorial Contribution Etiquette[/center]
-Tutorial Authors-
"Once Spoilers implemented on the forums please make use of them. This will keep the posts clean and compact. Include in the title complete or [REL] ‘Release’ or [WIP] ‘Work in Progress’. [REL] being a tutorial that’s functional and instructions are complete, which I will automatically adopted into the [REL] Tutorial subsection. [WIP] being the guide is not fully functional and requires additional content to complete. In the event your project is [WIP] use ‘WIP -’ to indicate what issue or step you’re working on. Once your tutorial is Complete please edit the title with [REL] Have your post containing your Tutorial deleted once it’s included in the OP release section as a [REL].

This is not a place to seek support for creating tutorials. It’s expected that you follow through creating your own tutorial. Indirectly however, mark using ‘WIP -’ to indicate what issue or step you’re working on. That way people under their own initiative might share insights without directly being asked."

-Tutorial Users-
“For those that are using tutorials that are marked as [REL] feel free to post about issues. Please mention the author of the Tutorial as they are the primary responsible party for support.”

In the event that any of these software tutorials are used to integrate into Dietpi they will be removed and enter the Hall of Fame. Issues or concerns should then be directed to Github via a support ticket.

[center]Hall of Fame[/center]

Tutorial Template Raw -EZ copy and pasting-

[center][url=][color=#BF0000][WIP][/color] Name of and hyperlink to Software[/url][/center]

[list]Description of the software and your personal comments.[/list]

1. Prerequisites
[list] DietPi_version_-Device-CPU Architecture-(OS)[/list]
[list] Knowledge or instructions that are required before following the main install instructions.[/list]

2. Main Install Instructions
[list]The main body of instructions or a link to those instructions to install the software[/list]

3. Configuration

[list]Configuration steps that might be needed outside the initial install instructions and prerequisites.[/list]


[list]1. A error message

What does the error mean?

Detailed instructions to solve the error[/list]


[REL] Tutorials
Fail2Ban Dashboard - Fail2ban web dashboard written with Flask framework

[WIP] Tutorials


[REL] Fail2Ban DashboardDescription

  • Fail2ban web dashboard written with Flask framework
  1. Prerequisites before following the install guide Fail2Ban Dashboard Github page.

B. Install virtualenv
pip install virtualenv

  1. Main Install Instructions
  1. Configuration


    1. socket.error: [Errno 98] Address already in use.

There is another process listening on the port.

Find out that process by using the following command:

lsof -i :5000

  • Solution A
  1. Deploy the application with Gunicorn
    pip install gunicorn

  2. Change fail2ban dashboard port number that’s not in use.
    gunicorn home:app -p fail2ban_dashboard.pid -b -D

Solution B
Uninstall Rtorrent and reinstall it after fail2ban dashboard. During initialization Rtorrent only uses used ports. Rtorrent (possibly any torrent program) must start after any program that utilize ports.

Solution C
Restrict Rtorrent port ranges to avoid conflicts.


Interesting, i like where this is going :slight_smile:
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