Legacy Camera support on Bullseye, camera LED always lit

I just upgraded my system to Pi Zero based Diepti system to Bullseye. After recognizing that the camera system has changed (“libcamera”) I nevertheless managed to have the legacy camera system running with RPI Cam.
But unfortunately the camera LED is durably lit in Bullseye: disable_camera_led=1 is not functional. I found this (diepi external) issue, but basically I do not know whether and how I could get this fixed in Dietpi.

Does anyone managed to get the camera LED of a Pi Camera module off in Bullseye?

Hm they say

Issue found in the firmware probe if start_x=1 is not set in config.txt (shouldn’t be necessary for libcamera). It’s been fixed in the latest firmware releases.

Do you run the latest firmware?

Another hind can be found here: Raspbian GNU/Linux 11 (bullseye) camera LED not disabling - Raspberry Pi Forums

I’ve found the firmware bug, which only shows up if using start.elf rather than start_x or start_db firmware files.
Fix created and is up for internal review and eventual release.

Well, as far as I understood it, running Bullseye should handle firmware updates automatically by use of apt. rpi-update is always mentioned to be “unstable”.

Finally, today I re-checked for updates, and yes: there are updates for the raspberrypi-bootloader and the raspberrypi-kernel. After updating the system and reboot: LED is OFF!

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rpi-update is a developer tool to manage kernel updates on Raspberry Pi. It allows to switch to a specific kernel version or to the next LTS kernel before it will be released. The tool is provided by Raspberry foundation. GitHub - raspberrypi/rpi-update: An easier way to update the firmware of your Raspberry Pi