Learning FRP

Trying to learn reverse proxies here.

My goal is to Https my emby server. I would also like to route to my sonarr and radarr and various servers without having remembering ports, but rather emby.mydomain.com.

I have a PI running Pi-Hole and have installed both client and server of frp on the same PI.

Any initial considerations setting up this way?

Does each by on my network need to frp client installed?

How do I modify frps to accomplish my goals? (I would love a tutorial but have not found one that meets my needs.)

Appreciate any efforts on my behalf.

is there a strickt need to run frp? Because you could use the existing web server (installed for PiHole) to run the revers proxy.

No need for FRP…did not know PI-Hole provides the ability for reverse proxy. Can you elaborate?

It is not directly PiHole. But PiHole web gui requires a web server to display all the nice statistics :wink:

probably you are running lighttpd as this is our default. Can be checked as follow

ss -tulpn | grep LISTEN

there should be something running on port 80 at least

Yes, she is listening on port 80. Is there a tutorial for what you have in mind…If not can you poingt me in the direction?

well lighttpd is not that easy to configure as revers proxy. Unfortunately. But I guess this might help on your journey