Latest version of kodi in our repo?

So i’m not sure if my system is bugged or not, i have kodi 18.7 installed, and also transmission 2.94. I just wanna know if I have the latest versions of those two packages, because dietpi tells me my system is up to date but there is kodi 18.8, 18.9 and 19.0, this one being in the raspbian buster repo. So just wanna make sure if my system is okay or not, nothing else


DietPi script version has nothing to do with individual software title versions. Did you tried running apt update && apt upgrade for available apt software package updates?

Hi, yeah i also usually double check (which from now on is no longer a double check as dietpi-update is only for the distro, good to know) with apt, and i just did it and 0 packages to update

dietpi-update is only for the distro

Just to avoid a misunderstanding. DietPi is not an own OS or distro. It’s a set of scripts on top of a base image.

Best to my knowledge, kodi is installed from apt repository. You can check it by running apt show kodi. On Raspberry OS, it will give following

root@DietPi3:~# apt show kodi
Package: kodi
Version: 2:18.7-1~buster

You see, latest version is 18.7-1

For Kodi at least - the package is not put together/distributed by the Kodi Foundation but is actually a community build.

Due to that it can sometimes take a while before the packaged version catches up with the release version on the other platforms.

Currently this is the case - the latest community build for the Pi is 18.7. If you urgently need a newer build for some reason, the best route is to build/compile it yourself locally or consider a solution like LibreElec or OSMC (although that would be as dual-boot or separate SD card from DietPi).

For reference, on the other supported platforms the current stable version is 18.9 (Kodi Leia), with the next generation one (Kodi Matrix v19) making release candidate 1 status a few days ago.