latest os for orange pi pc 2

What version of the Raspbian/Debain I need to download to use the prep_system_for_dietpi script?
I tried to download Raspbian Stretch Lite (Version: November 2018, 2018-11-13, Kernel version: 4.14), debian-9.6.0-arm64-netinst, but after writing to the sd card, none of them started…

Yes for RPi we use the Raspbian Stretch Lite image from here:
For x86_64 we use the Debian mini.iso from here:

But for Orange Pi PC 2 is an ARM board that works with non of the above images. The Debian image you tried generally is for the right architecture (arm64), but there is still a special bootloader and kernel required for AllWinner H5 boards that Debian does not ship.

There are “official” images available, e.g.:
But those are very bad maintained and often outdated. This is the price you need to pay afterwards, where the hardware itself is cheap :wink:.

Better go with well maintained 3rd party images, e.g. ARMbian:

Right…need to have uboot, otherwise it just doesn’t start :frowning: