Latest dietpi iso install

wow … im loading / install the last dietpi release 8.6.1 and now its update to 8.7.1… and its still make the update now for 2h and is not ready… . Sy thats cant be the right way.
Im us raspi 4 with 8gb

Can you share the log where you are stuck? Usually our scripts are less than 2MB.

The upgrade to 8.7.1 is still running
dietpi-log.txt (74.1 KB)
this log is a copy version from terminal… for me all looks good…
and now is crash and i have no log file from diet-pi :frowning:
hm think i start with a earlier vision new…

This is not the DietPi update. This is RPi kernel update that has been triggered by our updated script. It could have been stated as well using apt update && apt upgrade

but thats normal … more than 2h for a kernel update/upgrade ?

Usually not. As well it failed right? This would indicate some issues on file system level.

you marked this as solved. Does it mean it’s fixed? Or you worked around?

im use a older version and have not update for now… thats work for me… but its suprice me… if im use the 8.6.1 to update/upgrade incl kernel update to 8.7.1 for over 2h i cant do anythink … and no hint befor… or the chance to cancel the update… befor. Maybe one day if i have enough time :slight_smile: i give it a new chance…

as stated above, the kernel update can be triggered independent from DietPi update. Basically that’s how I do it. I first run apt update && apt upgrade to update all apt managed packaged before I run the DietPi update. This way I have both process separated. And in case of issues, it’s easier to find them.