Last image raspberry pi not boot in fresh installation

the last image downloaded from the web to fresh install does not boot in raspberry pi 3


Tested here, all running as normal for me.

Can you please try re-downloading the image and writing it again?

If that still fails, can you please list PSU/SDcard used.

download it and wrote it 3 times and now boot but I get errors in boot say the data is corrupt, in scripts dietpi missing files and end up causing a kernel panic after update the scripts
I use:
Raspberry 3
Sd card → microsd HC kingston 8GB class 10

Buy sd card in last week and work fine raspbian or other distros

Most likely caused by your power supply. What brand is it?

DietPi does alot of “stuff” during 1st run, updates Raspbian, apt packages and various other things. So if something like the PSU is “unstable”, it will most likely fail then.

the power supply is 5V and 2A.
The previous version 129 working fine in this raspberry with this power supply.I am disconcerted by this,if not supply properly would come out a square in the upper right corner i replaced the power supply


Ok, some questions just to make sure we covered everything:

  • Did you re-download (very important) the image link I gave you and extract, then write that image to SD?
  • If you have 7zip, please open the extracted latest image you previously wrote to SD with 7zip, click file > CRC > SHA-256, you should have the same code as:
  • Is the RPi3 revision v1.2 (on top side, middle up)?
  • Power supply is 5v/2a, phone charger or official RPi 2 PSU?
  • Have/can you try another SD card with the latest image?
  • Did you write the v129 image onto the same SD card, after the latest image fails, and v129 still works?

I am disconcerted by this,if not supply properly would come out a square in the upper right corner i replaced the power supply

Yep, good point.

Not work
raspberry pi 3 v1.2 B
Sd card → microsd HC kingston 8GB class 10
i have a copy update since 129 and work fine,the fresh image file is deleted
Sd card → microsd HC kingston 16GB class 10 with dietpi updated work fine
Power Suppy is 5V and 2A tablet charger.
I redownloaded the image file.

the checksum is :
Nombre: DietPi_v133_RPi-armv6-(Jessie).img
CRC-32: ebd25185
MD4: 5749dac5bb734f4904c801ff2774e659
MD5: 4f6dc395a226fa79ac4de54c1798f412
SHA-1: 7040b045adde21f233b8b4c4db595daaba95e97a

CRC-32: 4ff7601c
MD4: de6df2df059cab065fad072435158458
MD5: 80bb006bc9258d11fc504633be95f478
SHA-1: 4868728494d67b7388459b5a08c2a9af18d4c019

The result kernel panic after update .
Here is the capture kernel panic after updating:


The kernel panic is very early on, before DietPi boot scripts are even executed. VFS indicates possible filesystem corruption. Could even be an issue with kernel/firmware.

Image CRC’s are fine.

On the working v129 image install you have, whats the kernel version?

uname -a

kernel panic after updating:

I’d like to try another test if you have time:

  • Write v133 image to SD
  • Extract dietpi.txt from attached file below (ADMIN EDIT: Removed obsolete file which does not work with current images anymore), to /boot/ before powering on
  • Remove all USB devices and connect ethernet cable
  • Power on

The installation will be automated with a few additional changes. Please visually monitor the process from start to finish and report any results.

sorry tomorrow go to buy new sdcard. This sdcard broken to rewrite more

You can some times recover a defective SD card and bring it back to life. Simply by writing 0’s to full card.


I’ve already fixed, a virus entered the sd card and broke it, so I went out the image of the sd card damaged .However not know if this is Relevate but I see some errors when starting the raspberry. Add a catch below


I see some errors when starting the raspberry

What errors do you see, could you please take a picture of them and attach here?

Sorry, this is the picture, this error appears at the very beginning. Is this normal?

Yep thats fine, occurs when running 16MB GPU in which Video Core will fail to initialize: (source 'vc_vchi_sm_init: failed to open VCHI service' when gpu=16M · Issue #428 · raspberrypi/firmware · GitHub)

You’ll only need Video Core if your running GPU apps like Kodi. In which case, DietPi-Software will automatically set the required GPU memory splits for you, during installation.
You can also manually change the GPU memory splits, if required, by running dietpi-config > display options > GPU split