Kodi won't start

Hi, I have installed on my Rpi4 last Dietpi and few services: nextcloud, emby, webmin, kodi, htcp manager, rpimonitor. Today I want to try Radarr and after intallation I reboot. Then I noticed on my TV that Kodi loading stopped on

/boot/dietpi/dietpi-login: line 80: cava: command not found.

I remove Radarr but still have that issue.


many thanks for your message. Looks like your auto start option is set to 10 : CAVA Spectrum

Pls check your settings in dietpi-config and change it to 1 : Kodi

Hi, I have in autostart> Media :

  1. Kodi

Edit. OK I enter Kodi and set dietpi user and now works.
Thanks, I think I check that dietpi-config options and enter that CAVA option but then I cancel and exit. I think that don’t save that option.