Kodi on v6.17

Hi Everyone,

Are there any tips on making Kodi provide better video playback on DietPi v6.17?

I get very bad juttering when watching 1080p video, its like the frame rate isn’t consistent at all times.

When using the old Kodi v16, I didn’t experience these kind of issues.

Any help appreciated, maybe there’s a setting I’m overlooking.


You need to assign more memory to GPU, edit the config.txt in DietPi/ folder like this:


DietPi by default assigns only 256MB to GPU, which are not enough.


Which device do you actually use? It also depends on the GPU acceleration drivers that Kodi/the system offers/uses. On RPi however it should work out of the box and the increased gpu_mem share, advices by nicosea is worth a try.

If it solved the issue, I think we will increase this by default to 512M on >=1024M devices.

Hi MichaIng,

I am using a Pi 3 b+ and increasing gpu_mem share to 512mb solved all problems of frame losses or even black screen. Libreelec and OSMC have gpu_mem share to 512mb, I got the idea from there.