Kodi on odroid xu4

Hi Guys,

didnt find a thread with my issue so i start a new one:

i had problems watching *.mkv on any OS i had installed on this machine.
Thought dietpi would be better but no way.

i installed dietpi two weeks ago, didnt change anything (Drivers or other Versions of Kodi etc)

all of the movies are choppy… a few are not watchable.

i have also an RaPi2 with openelec and there i have no problems.

Both machines are connected via HDMI to the TV. Files are local on USB HDDs…

whats the problem with this XU4??

Thx in advance!

I’m not a developer member of dietpi, but I also had an odroid xu4 like you.
My experience was that odroid not the best at hardware decodeing movies (h264), and usually made it from CPU power, which is not ideal for noise less homecinema experience.
For suggestion I could offer you to check out this things on ubuntu whether it’s working on that , and after if yes, you can reproduce it under Debian … dietpi :slight_smile:

I said I had an Xu4, I have already sold it, so now I can’t help to you with checking these things on my board :slight_smile: