KODI not working on v6.21.1 Mate, Odroid C2

Hi there from France !

First of all thank you so much for the great amazing job !

Just installed the referenced version on my Odroid C2 + HiFi Shield 2, everything works fine except KODI, which does not open …
Uninstalled/reinstalled a couple of time but still not opening …

There is additional minor issue, which I would like to report : the Odroid remote package/library does not load during the booting … Failed to load etc …

I am not a super-user at all, just few years of “soft” and “easy” experience with Mint and Ubuntu on Intel/AMD machines … :wink:

Thank you so much !

Hi there,

Any help please ? :cry:

Thank you so much !


Thanks for your report and sorry for the late reply.

So you attempt to start Kodi from the Mate desktop, right? Do you get any error output to the console? In case open a terminal emulator and there run:
Check back console output there, if it fails.

Did you try to choose Kodi as autostart option via dietpi-autostart?
This would work around the doubled xserver start. Not sure if this might be related to the issue.

At best open the issue on GitHub. We are faster there in support/investigation: https://github.com/Fourdee/DietPi/issues