KODI / LibreELEC on DietPI

I have a kind of a noob question, concerning KODI with DietPI.

From my understanding KODI is a software which I can run within DietPI.
In comparison to KODI LibreElec is not a software, it’s an operating system which can’t be run on top of DietPI with autostart, right?

I thought about moving from KODI to LibreElec 9.0 Reborn Remix (with some extra features/preinstalled stuff over KODI), but I got a bit confused about the difference between those 2 media centers.

Kodi is the media centre app, as you rightly state.

LibreElec is a minimal bare-bones OS which is designed to run precisely one application, namely Kodi. You can’t install additional stuff other than Kodi directly (there is no apt-get for example), although there is support for Docker and additional stuff can be installed that way.

So basically if you want a general purpose Pi or a multi-application one, then you want Kodi running under a suitable OS (Raspbian, DietPi etc) but if you solely want a media player then you want LibreElec (or OSMC, which is similar but has a more full-featured OS layer underneath it onto which you can install some other stuff via apt-get).

Ok, that’s what I thought, thanks for the clarification. I’ll stay with DietPi and the KODI App :slight_smile:

If you want to use LibreElec instead of DietPi, there might be another solution having most of the software which DietPI offers running in containers in Docker inside OpenElec or LibreElec. Docker is available as KODI addon in the OpenElec/LibreElec repo.

Haven’t tested it yet, just read about it here:

I guess the most people just want it the other way around: DietPi (or another linux distribution) with Kodi app. Nevertheless might be interessting.
At the moment I have an RP3 with DietPi for the server stuff and a small mini pc running with LibreElec and Windows 10 for the “entertainment” stuff, thinking about to combine both machines into one…

OpenElec is dead - it hasn’t been worked on or updated for something like 2 years now.

Stick with LibreElec, with the docker add-on if required. I can confirm that works fine.

Thanks for the confirmation that it still works with LibreElec, will try it soon.

I think I can answer this myself…nevertheless, will it work if I copy the Docker Addon from LibreElec to an android device with Kodi?
I probably will get some dependencies errors or I can’t install the Zip at all, right?
Just thought about it, because Android is also based on a Linux kernel.

I’ve never tried it, but honestly I doubt it strongly.

They may be both based around Linux kernels, but they are too different I would expect. The addons from the LE repo (as opposed to the ones from the official Kodi repo) tend to be crafted specifically for the LE set-up.

I just had a short look, Docker on ‘normal’ KODI can’t work as there is no opportunity to SSH on the system.

I am now using LibreElec, with Docker addon and the linuxserver repository and it is working quite good.
Just as info: some files in the system can’t be edited, as this is a read-only system.

I know (for full disclosure, I’m a Team Kodi member).

Depending on what you’re trying to do, parts of it can be remounted as read/write (see here for an example of config.txt setting). But if you want more of an OS underneath Kodi, then look at OSMC instead.

It’s the same Kodi, but has a less streamlined OS underneath it and so you can do more outside Kodi.

Glad to hear you’ve got things towards where you wanted them though anyway.

I’ll stick with LibreElec, or in my case the LibreElec mod from 5schatten: LE Reborn Remix.

LibreElec/KODI with Emby as backend is perfect! And the opportunities you get with Docker underneath makes it even more attractive.
There’s only 1 thing I am missing in KODI, to play my original blurays with menues and I remember some blurays I couldn’t play at all. For this I am still using Windows 10 with PowerDVD on my second partition. Don’t know how the progress of MakeMKV addon is now, maybe something like this can be done in the future (or maybe not, because of licenses…). But anyway, gets a bit offtopic now.