Kodi Install Issues

Hi All

First time poster, but long time user of Dietpi - never had any issues until I recently suffered an SD card failure.

Bought a new SD card and while trying to install from afresh I am getting the error in the attachment when running the KODI installer:

The install seems to finish but there are so many issues with the software.

I am installing on a RPI4 and using the 32bit installer.

Can anyone give any pointers on this?


Simply hit ok and the installation should continue

Thanks Joulinar, I have done that and as I say the install seems to finish. But there are so many issues I can’t decide if they are down to this or something else.

For example Kodi sometimes failed to start, fails to generate gui.
When it does start the CEC doesn’t work, but it did before.
There are also no repositories available inside Kodi

Might all be totally unrelated of course….

Should also say I have two others running perfectly fine, they were installed with a previous version of Dietpi (can’t remember which version as they are now updated to the latest version) and they didn’t have this issue.


curl error code 23 is a write error:

23 Write error. Curl couldn’t write data to a local filesystem or similar.

Whether the desktop icon image is there or not is irrelevant, of course, but when curl fails to write a file, other tasks might fail for the same underlying reason. Can you check for kernel errors:

dmesg -l emerg,alert,crit,err

The above was a single desktop icon and nothing more. It has nothing to do with CRC or other challenges you are facing.

On a short test I had the same message. Would need to switch on my desktop computer to verify further


Simply the target directory did not exist. There is no /var/lib/dietpi/dietpi-software/installed/desktop/ as no real desktop was selected. Probably we should check for the availability if the desktop folder before downloading a desktop image :thinking:

@Joulinar @MichaIng I have manually created a folder called /var/lib/dietpi/dietpi-software/installed/desktop/icons/, uninstalled Kodi and reinstalled it with no issue through the installation stage - thanks for your help on that.

Will go look at the other issues i have seperatley.