Kodi - failed to add service - already in use?

I’m Installing the last version of DietPi, I could start Kodi from ssh with command ‘Kodi’, the interface appeared on TV.

Then I’ve

  • stopped Kodi from the TV
  • connected new drive
  • selected Kodi in AutoStart
  • rebooted
    Kodi doesn’t appear on TV, just the message ‘failed to add service - already in use?’

I’ve also tried to

  • remove Kodi
  • reboot
  • add Kodi
  • reboot
    same error on TV

Could you please help? TIA

Did your upgrade your kernel to current version?
apt full-upgrade

You are on RPi, right? So Kodi v18 installed? dpkg -l kodi

The proper command to start Kodi on RPi: kodi-standalone