Kodi automatically unmounts HDD

Hi there, I’m having a few troubles with my first installation on a RPi B+. I want to run it together with an USB HDD formated in NTFS which doesn’t have an external power source but I fixed that by using a Y shaped cable, plugging the extra port to a 2A power supply. This was working correctly on raspbian but now with dietpi Kodi unmounts the disk automatically every a minute or so and the disk clicks for a few seconds, then mounts itself again. I’ve tried with both max_current on and off and no dice.
I’m aware the clicking is often related to a problem in power demand but as it was working perfectly just yesterday on raspbian I don’t think that’s the problem.

Hi Achus,

The clicking is caused when the HDD head is placed back in idle state (parked, off the platters). If this is occurring regularly, it does indicate the drive is underpowered. It can also damage the HDD if you continue use.
HDD’s have a life expectancy for Start/Stop Cycle Count. Its usually around 300k, however, I would suggest you stop using the HDD in your current setup.

Using a USB splitter for dedicated power is not recommended, they are usually fragile and could damage your RPi and your HDD.

From experience, I would strongly recommend the following:

The above should be more than enough to power any 2.5inch USB HDD (they range from 0.7 to 0.9 amp). The other option is to use a 3.5inch USB HDD which will have its own power supply.
I cant recommend the official RPi PSU enough, its solid and essentially removes all power related issues.