Kodi 18 switches resolution randomly

Hi !
I had issues with my old Kodi (v17.6 Krypton) (came with DietPi 6.12) opening HEVC files or even x265 videos (running on a RasPi 2B). I also had sound issues, changed my speaker and it’s done.
Thought it was an update problem, so I updated DietPi (6.21) then Kodi (18.1 Leia) (manually, also installed InputStream) and now they run just fine (some drops, but works).
BUT (or else it isn’t funny) now Kodi changes its resolution from the native 1080p fullscreen it has always been, to 480p windowed.
I added advancedsettings.xml and, according to the wiki, added custom width, height and forced fullscreen on, but to no avail.
Sometimes it seems to come back to normal (when I restart the Pi), but sometimes it keeps changing.
Since the update I can’t change resolution manually (the “whitelist” thing) I’m just lost…
What have I done wrong?
Thanks !

The Pi2B is not powerful enough to decode HEVC at higher resolutions, this is a possible source of your problems. Pi3 is not powerful enough either. A good option for Kodi is Ordoid C2 which has hardware HEVC decoding up to 4k.


Hmm, the resolution changes happen randomly during video playback? Note sure if Kodi automates this if video lags due to insufficient performance but would be actually strange if you explicitly choose a custom resolution.

However if that indeed happens during playback, verify if this happens as well during hardware decoding playback (e.g. h.264) and/or lower resolutions of the video source.

Low bitrate 1080p24 content seems to work on RPi2 sometimes according to what I found, but only 720p will work reliable, mostly. Did something work without resolution change with Kodi 17.6? AFAIK I never tested Kodi 18. Raspbian went a strange way there, offering Kodi 18 on Stretch/stable only but not on Buster/testing repo, which usually should happen first… So I missed that for some time. Also this means that there is a gap of dev and public beta testing and some issues/quirks might be reported/resolved by stable repo users now. Debian and most other distros do not yet ship Kodi 18 at all via their software repos.