kodi 17.4

how is it possible to update on raspberry KODI 17.4 ? thankyou

Manual install: https://linuxsuperuser.com/install-latest-version-kodi-raspbian-jessie/

We’ll provide 17.x through dietpi-software at a later date.

and for the latest version 17.6?

I realise this is an old thread but just wondering how I upgrade to the latest version of Kodi? Im running the latest build of Dietpi and Kodi 17.6 which is well out of date.


Which device?

17.6 is the most current version from APT repos, for Raspberry Pi on Stretch there was a 18.X package available within their firmware repo but it is not yet ported to Buster (strange to have it in “stable” first and not yet in “testing”, I know).

Raspberry pi2

Stretch or the Buster testing image?

Stretch I believe. Not a test image

You can assure via echo $G_DISTRO_NAME.

If it’s Stretch, Kodi 18 should be available in the APT repos and installed via dietpi-software.

If it’s Buster, as said there is not yet a Kodi version available that supports the RPi GPU, although it is expected soon. Until then there are 3rd party packages available that can be tested: https://github.com/MichaIng/DietPi/issues/3031#issuecomment-518038469