Kiwix installation (Wikipedia on raspberry pi zero w)

Hey guys,

besides the already working stuff i want to install kiwix on my raspberry pi zero w… kiwix is a framework for wiki´s that are saved offline.
The issue is, i have no clue how to install it on dietpi cause im quite new… as everything else is working fine (except wifi hotspot… other thread) i dont want to mess things up while trying… so i hope you can help me out a bit :slight_smile:
Just to be sure you know that → im a noob with the pi/linux


You should be able to follow any guide for Raspbian/Raspberry Pi or Debian. But be careful when it’s about the webserver configuration, e.g. if you use other web applications on DietPi, the default vhosts should not be touched, but the Wiki e.g. served via subdirectory with a dedicated drop-in config for that which applies settings for that subdirectory only. If it’s the only web application, i.e. you don’t have a webserver installed yet, it doesn’t matter.