Kiosk type application

Hi everyone,

I have asked this same question on several forums, including Pi, and I have asked the creator of Raspi Config.

It appears to me to be such a simple thing.

use a touch screen and remove entirely the mouse cursor.

it should never show, it can not be hidden, it can not use the many programs that hide the cursor as they seem to always have a timeout.

I have seen solutions modifying configuration files, which work very well, but if you set it to start LXDE automatically the hiding of the cursor I ignored.

please may I explain what I wish to achieve,

DietPi starts up.

my application starts up.

nothing else whatsoever is loaded or required.

it is a touch interface using a PI2 and official PI display.

it is totally autonomous, no internet connection is ever used.

the issue is that the mouse cursor is alway present.

is there any way to remove the cursor at boot up so my application can work like a tablet.

this seems such a fundamental requirement I can not believe I am the only person experiencing the issue!



Hi doj,

Hmmm … if the focus on mouse cursor don’t disturbs your auto-started application, you can try to build a 100 % transparent mouse cursor for X11.

Thank You k-plan, this may be ok for my system, I will try it and report the conclusion.